How to Sell Your Home in the Fall

How to Sell Your Home in the Fall

The fall is a great time to sell your home for a variety of reasons. A drastic decrease in the number of homes on the market during the chilly fall months means less competition from others. Buyers are more serious in the fall and winter. And Fall is also a great chance to really show off your home's cozy aspect, and let it do a lot of the hard work for you. To successfully make that sale though, you'll need to keep a few key things in mind.

The Curb Appeal Factor

Curb appeal is always very important, but especially so in the fall. Make sure that you keep your yard raked and free of all leaves and debris. Clean those gutters and replace all of your summer plants with colorful, vibrant fall plants to really seal the deal. You'll also want to refresh mulch beds to complete the look you're after.


You'll want to decorate your home to appeal to seasonal buyers, but remember to choose fall d├ęcor as opposed to Halloween decorations to avoid limiting yourself. Wreaths, pumpkins, and mums all work great for adding a quaint, seasonal charm. Remember that warm colors contrast cooler weather.

Don't Forget About Smell

If you really want to sell your home in the fall, appeal to ALL of someone's senses - that means make sure that your house smells like a home. Use fall scents that are both warm and inviting - consider baking a pie, boiling cinnamon sticks or even brewing pumpkin spice coffee before a showing.

Lights, Camera, Action

You'll want to leave all of the lights on for showing. As the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier, turn on all interior and exterior lights and make sure they're all working properly. A poorly lit home can easily appear dark and uninviting, which you don't want.

Price, condition, location and more will all play an important role in how successful your home sale is during ANY season, not just fall. If you understand the current market, you can find a buyer any time of year. To help you get your home ready to sell, give us a call at 888-326-2726.

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Francesca Facchini
Francesca Facchini
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