7 Reasons to Buy a House in the Fall

7 Reasons to Buy a House in the Fall

Spring and summer have passed by, so now you've lost the prime window to find that perfect house, right? Not necessarily! It's time for fall to get the attention it deserves as prime home-buying time.

1. Lower Home Prices

The falls months are when homes are at their lowest price. October is statistically the month with the lowest home prices out of the year.

2. Less Competition

Few people are searching for a new home in autumn. So you aren't as likely to be in a bidding war for a prime property or have a situation where a seller has multiple offers.

3. Better Service

Realtors and other home service providers are not as busy during the fall so they can give you more attention.

4. Best Time for New Construction

Of course, the time frame on a new construction varies, but you can anticipate, on average, a completion time of 6 months from the date the contract is signed. In fact, getting a contract on a new home construction in fall means that it will be ready just in time for a spring move in.

5. Holidays are Coming

If sellers want to move and get settled into their new house in time to host Thanksgiving and put up holiday lights, they'll be motivated to sell quickly.

6. Home Improvement Bargains

Moving into a home usually requires buying new items for the house. Fall is the time of year when most stores have their big sales, so it's the perfect time for getting great deals on everything, including appliances.

7. Observe Home Condition and Efficiency

Walking through a home during the fall can give you a good idea of how efficient the home is during winter. You can feel drafts around windows and doors and witness how the furnace behaves. The fall also allows you to focus on the condition of the exterior of the house and the yard, because you won't be distracted by the home's beautiful summer flowerbeds.

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Francesca Facchini
Francesca Facchini
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