How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom on a Budget

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom on a Budget

Do you struggle with small bathroom problems? Always trying to find ways to organize your products, toiletries, and everything else, and IT JUST DOESN'T WORK? Here are some budget-friendly ways that can help you maximize the space you have with DIY storage ideas!

  1. Floating shelves with industrial piping.
  2. Find a towel bar to hang and place natural baskets that attach to the bar.
  3. Build a shelf over the bathroom door. Discreet and perfect for toiletries.
  4. Small cabinets that are designed for narrow spaces next to the toilet or vanity. Amazon is a great place to find them for cheap!
  5. Attach a large mirror over a floor-to-ceiling open cabinet. This serves dual purpose and creates a chic style!
  6. Add a wall of floating shelves, and install a barnyard sliding type mirror in the middle.
  7. Spice racks and mason jars are great to attach to a hanging wooden board to hold all of your makeup tools and misc items!
  8. Stackable organizers that fit underneath the sink! Slap a label on them and voilĂ  - you have everything tucked away neatly and easy to find.

All of the above ideas can be found on Pinterest!

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Francesca Facchini
Francesca Facchini
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